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The Social Services staff consists of case managers and a Community Information and Referral Specialist, who are available Monday through Friday, to guide you through the maze of services available for seniors. These professionals can explain eligibility requirements, and refer you to the agency or service that can best help you with your particular inquiry or request. They are also available to seniors and their families to discuss problems, provide support, assist in filling out forms, or just listen to concerns. For those elders who are housebound, our case managers will visit their homes to assess their needs and to provide coordination of services.  

Community Information Specialist assists in determining eligibility and accessibility for services, programs, and benefits available.  The Specialist also advocates for the rights of elders and adults with disabilities.


Listed below are services the social services division offers:

Case management

Home assessments

Community Information Specialist

Information & referral

Early intervention

Community outreach

Support groups

Supportive counseling


Educational presentations

Holiday meals program

Memorial service


Assisting with completing the following applications/forms:

*Medical Assistance

*Medicare Premium Payment Program


*RI Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Elderly

*Heating Assistance

*Police Accident Reports

*City Property Tax Rate Freeze

*Medical Questionnaires

*Patient Assistance Programs  

*Respite Care

*SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps)

*RI Property Tax Relief Claim

*Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)

*Extra Help for Part D

*Home and Community Care

Assisting in reviewing and interpreting

*Medicare Supplement Insurance



For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Kevorkian, Social Services Director


Nick Costa, Case Worker


Community Information Specialist