RSVP – Retired Senior Volunteer Program

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Since 1971, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation for people 55 and over, has matched older adults who are willing to help with local organizations on the front lines of meeting community needs.  RSVP projects link the skill of the volunteers with the identified needs of the community.  RSVP volunteers do not receive any monetary incentive or stipend, but the RSVP project may reimburse volunteers for certain out-of-pocket costs associated with their service activities.  In addition, RSVP volunteers receive accident, personal liability, and excess automobile insurance as well as community recognition.

Cranston RSVP Project Volunteers

Project Areas

RSVP School Readiness Volunteers

RSVP Fraud Prevention Volunteers

RSVP Recycling Volunteers

Tax Assistance Project (RI Property Tax Relief Claim Form RI 1040-H Only)

RSVP Transportation Volunteers


RSVP volunteers recruit and manage other volunteers, participate in environmental projects, mentor and tutor children, deliver meals to the homebound and respond to natural disasters, among many other activities.



Additional volunteer opportunities are available at the Senior Center or within the Cranston community.  Please contact Karen for an interview to learn what volunteer opportunities are available.


For further information, please contact
Patricia  Cipriano, RSVP Director